Anka Gnoth, singer and composer, playing several instruments: guitar, akkordion, piano and okulele, is moving between different styles. She is connecting classic elements of Jazz, Folk, Chanson with exceptional rhythms, free improvisation and poetic lyrics in German and English.

She is influenced by natures soundscape, curious signature sounds of words and the wide array of colours that beam inbetween any pair of opposites. For Anka, lyrics are always at the centre of importance and music is feigned around them.

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27.06.La Garde Freinet / Le Carnotzet
29.06.Marseille / LE THEATRE DU TÉTARD
05.07.Seyssel / La Taverna du Rône
04.08.Cinemoretz / The Boat
25.08.Varvara / Botsmana
22.09.Sofia / Tell Me Bar
23.09.Plovdiv / Bee Bop
30.09.Sofia / Jazz Buffet
07.10.Berlin / Lola was here
08.10.Cottbus / Café Heim(e)lich
18.10.Chemnitz / CAB
19.10.Erfurt / Speicher
20.10.Gießen / tba
22.10.Jena / Glashaus
23.10.Göttingen / Nörgelbuff
27.10.Konstanz / tba
28.10.Konstanz / tba
29.10.Luxemburg / Ancien Cinéma Club
5.11.Halle (Saale) / Café Ludwig
09.11.Dresden / Blue Note
10.11.Berlin / Kunstfabrik Schlot
19.11.Rostock / Café Käthe


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