played the piano last night
in the cave of my secrets
nobody dared to whisper
doors banging
oh sister
give me your black and white
majesic chords are fading
into each other
left foot pushed
the right pedal
played the piano last night‘
what happened to your wild, wild coast?
was there no better reach?
I hear english men barking like wild dogs
on sunny beach
but the sun also shines on your precieous rocks
formed by natures trace
red, rough and rudiment
they stand the power of the waves
seaweed tangles nearly
around my feet and fists
the silky water covers clearly
my skin and breath and last resist
your water has so little fear
my friend, I´m diving into you
no harm, no weep, no doubt appear
you `re black, you `re truely blue
taking all my fear
I open my hands, open my eyes
underwater as under the sky
the sky of blue
fading into
I am breathlessly floating through magnificent waves
enlightened by shadows, beloved by the sun
only the dalphines defining the destination of dreams
paradise prisms pouring with pleasure
coulours of rain-bow-ing under the movement of waves
glamourous sparkling glorifies the dance of all souls
encourages all living to join
pesuation, exaltation, circles rising around
into perfection, erection, wildly racing along the shore
finally falling
into a holy
carE&pet your patterns
while the worst
cry movie flies
on the first
be on line
take your shoes or cg-lass*
– es –
chick or kick my aß*
go offline
for the last
row backpipe crawls
take or be a plast-
ic&inck your gu[тш]i
and while we wait for us
all bow encore so very low
How is me and how are you
can you see my boohoohuulaaUPS?!
bravo to you 2
let me play a little nin(e)-ten-do(w)
O what a feelin from that fuzz
pieces of happiness
in the late afternoon
we cried you songs, I played the keys
searching for harmonies
between twisted games of families
our date of birth, you and me and he
postcards of paris and peace
you were my goddess, I turned into your friend
to find one another and hold each others hand
remember the days when we wandered the streets
collecting pots and antique
oh, what a treat
to be
a guest on your table:
laughter and art
coulours and wine
and photograph
you were my goddess, I turned into your friend
find one another, all over again and again
where are you coming from?
where are you going to?
I have got to move
to where they are gathering
in the wild, wild green
so far away from society
thats where I used to be in
lets get on and breathe in
and move to where the light will be
it has been a while since I have seen the game
between the sun and the rain 
all coulours of words and visions and minds
crossing the line
lets get on and breathe in
and move to where the light will be
the truth that they have been scooled 
is hollow
there is an easy path to follow
lets get on and breathe in
and move to where the light will be
„(Stadt)Lied der Zeit“
Die Zeit, sie schlägt mein Herz entzwei
ich zähle den Tag in Stunden
Ein Wort, ein lachender Morgen
vergeben dem Jahr alle Wunden
Es ist, als hätte ich Häuser gesehen
und ich wünschte sie würden verbrennen
Schnell ist die Stadt und man lebt dabei
im Rausch, vertraut allem Fremden
Der Spieler tritt vor, verbeugt sich
und er lügt eine Silbe zu viel
„Ich sehe dich nicht“, verrät sein Gesicht
Die Wahrheit bleibt einfach still
Es ist als hätte ich Häuser gesehen
und ich wünschte, sie würden brennen
Laut ist die Stadt und wir leben dabei,
lauschen blind den Gesängen
Das Schiff verlässt den Hafen der Zeit
schwingt sich zum Mond,
mit den Sternen verbunden
Ein wilder Tanz, ein tiefseeliger Schlaf
Mein Herz schlägt wieder Sekunden.