Hi! Welcome to this page. As a writer I have been presenting poems in the form of songs since 2012 on stages and in living rooms. Being fortunate to share sounds with incredible musicians who are as dedicated as me to create in the now and transform these moments into magic. 

Born and raised in Jena, east-germany, I went to bordingschool with the age of 14. After Abitur I travelled Australia and South Africa, studied organic farming and permacultureprojects. Since 2015 I worked with kontrabassplayer George Donchev. As Anka & Gosh we partly lived in Bulgaria and Berlin and travelled around the world presenting our music, created two albums „Silence You“ and „Something Inbetween“.

Next to music I have always been painting an drawing. My last exhibition of illustrations „vulvamoralis“ has been taken part in 48-h-Nekölln-Festival in Berlin in June 2020.

Today, I am living in Berlin, turning my living room into a studio, collaborating with musicians who are into improvising freely, cocreators who are dedicated to make this planet into something beautiful. Now.